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Muscle & Joint Pain Hurts My Brain

Studies show that chronic pain can lead to depression. When your old bones start to creak and moan and you experience regular pain on sitting, standing, or simply yawning; then you know exactly what I am talking about! Your pain seeps into your brain like an oil slick; polluting any thought of a having a pain-free day. This can really affect one's psyche.


Herbal medicines and simple stretches can be potent solutions to help relieve chronic pain.

1: Try something simple to start. You might not be a able to get your legs this wide at first. But that's ok. Just keep trying! Take nice deep breaths through the nose and out through the mouth. Draw your tummy in, and elongate your spine. The more deep breaths you take the more your muscles and joints will relax.

2: How about a nice Herbal Infusion Epsom Salt Bath.

These key ingredients will be sure to melt away muscle aches and tendon soreness.

Cayenne Pepper, Tumeric, Valerian, and Rosemary. If you can, put them all together in a big cloth pouch and let it sit in your bath tub. Don't forget the Epsom Salt (dump the whole bag of it into the tub if you are having a really achy day).

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