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Herbs For Life

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

It is a widely known fact that many garden variety herbs promote health and wellbeing.

Simple herbs that can be grown in your back yard garden, or in pots on your apartment balcony, can aid in curbing afflictions of the mind and body. These TOP FIVE are great for novice gardeners. Gardening is a great hobby that also helps to ease the mind, and encourages grounding (feeling connected to the earth).

1. Scallion: Warming Herb. Reduces Nasal Congestion

2. Garlic: Warming Herb. Reduces Blood Pressure

3. Parsley: Warming Herb. Antibacterial

4. Rosemary: Warming Herb. AntiInflammatory

5. Ginger: Warming / Hot Herb. Improves Digestion

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